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Stealthily monitor your market or a specific product with our comprehensive competitive intelligence platform.

Perfect for:
  • Monitoring your products and competitors products across the web
  • Pricing Automation
  • Price Erosion
  • MAP Violations
  • Reviews Monitoring
  • Segmenting Customers
  • Product trends and Market Gaps
  • Real-time notifications when prices, sentiments and market metrics change

Automate any process on the web, grab/organize data and apply A.I. while doing it.

Perfect for:
  • Investment data aggregation
  • Health Care record keeping
  • Automating data grabs
  • Ingesting and preparing 3rd party data for data science models
  • Build and automate scheduled data pipelines aggregating from across the web

Generate leads while you sleep with this configurable lead search and automated outreach software.

Perfect for:
  • Search for leads by company, search term or title.
  • Continuous flow of lead emails, demographics, interests, employment and social data
  • Create templates for target audiences, inject things like name, company, images
  • Create campaigns for groups to message manually or in bulk via automation.
  • Schedule and automate direct messaging to leads in an ethical and non-intrusive way with
    • Email
    • LinkedIn connect
    • LinkedIn messages
    • Instagram messaging
    • Facebook messaging
    • Business's contact forms

Data on demand, integrate with our data direct to your data centers.

Perfect for:
  •  Access to harvested and prepared data via APIs, pipelines and messaging.

Custom build a product through the expert guidance of our data scientists and engineers or get help maximizing your current platform.

Consulting services include:
  • Data Science
    • Segmentation
    • Workflow Optimizations
    • Product Recommendation Models
    • Operational Effectiveness
  • Integrations
  • General I.T. Consulting
  • Innovation
  • Cloud Migrations

About Phylum.


Phylum Data Suite is a revolutionary new platform that provides the power to unlock, harvest and transform boundless sources of web data into neatly organized sets of business intelligence at infinite scale.

Our mission is to place the tech and the power of at scale alternative data mining in your hands. Our AI deep learning layer will help weed out the garbage and point to the hidden gems.

In addition to providing a core set of tools, Phylum engineers and advanced analysts are available for hands-on customization catering to any and all big data aggregation and modeling initiatives.

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